Composition Workshop Series with Hamish Napier

in partnership with SC&T Youth and Aberdeen University

This opportunity is open to all students aged 16 -26 with some previous experience of playing an instrument or singing. No prior composition experience is necessary!

Dates & Times:

  • Thursday 6th October 2022, 7pm - 8:30pm on Zoom

  • Thursday 20th October 2022, 7pm - 8:30pm on Zoom

  • Thursday 3rd November 2022, 12pm onwards at MacRobert Building, Aberdeen University, King St, Aberdeen AB24 3FX. Includes a 4hr in person workshop, refreshments and an evening concert.

Workshop 1:
Hamish will introduce you to his compositional approach and his unique take on the modes and harmony of Scottish music.  You’ll start collectively writing a new tune together with Hamish, as he steers your ideas and suggestions towards a finished tune (and chord sequence).  He introduce you to composition tools such as hand written scribbles, capturing ideas on your smartphone voicememo app, transcribing recordings in Sibelius notation software and using his 'Napier’s Modes’ infographic sheet. The discussions in the workshop will give you more of an idea about what you might compose yourself - and help you to make decisions (the main challenge of the composition process). 

Workshop 2:
Having started your composition (a tune or a song), Hamish will take a look at your rough sketches, recordings and ideas, and help you to form them into something more complete. This will be a great opportunity for giving and receiving valuable feedback. You’ll gain a huge insight into your piece through hearing about the trials and discoveries of your fellow composers.

Workshop 3 and Concert:
All the composers come together in person to ready their pieces for performance later that evening. It’s all about simplifying, simplifying and simplifying at this late stage!

Course curriculum

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    • Welcome

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    • Zoom Details and Workshop Information

  • 2

    Workshop 1 - 06/10/22

    • What to expect:


    • Zoom recording - workshop 1

    • Napiers-Trad-Music-Modes

    • Napier's Modes continued

  • 3

    Workshop 2 - 20/10/22

    • What to expect:

    • Zoom Recording - workshop 2

  • 4

    Workshop 3 and Concert - 03/11/22

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